Elasticated Meat Netting is the efficient and effective alternative to the traditional tying of meat joints. We hold stocks of many popular sizes of White Roast , Bacon and Boil in standard grades. Other specifications including Super, Micromesh and a variety of colours is available with realistic lead times



Stainless Steel Tubes Complete with Cones are available for applying the Meat Netting. These are supplied to order in all popular sizes and are complete with bench mounting brackets. For the large volume user we are also able to supply an Automated Net Loading Machine



Elasticated Roasting Bands as used primarily for trussing chickens and are also commonly utilised for smaller cuts of lamb and pork. We offer a range of sizes in white and colours from stock and supply to order in accordance with specific requirements



Boneguard: Our standard specification is waxed non -woven cloth giving exceptional protection from leaking bags which result from bone puncturing. We hold a standard roll and sheet size and are happy to cut sheets to your required dimensions subject to quantities involved.



Twines: A range of Twines is available in machine cones and butchers cops. We also supply blue polypropylene rope as used for meat hanging during storage/transport, in coils or heat sealed cut lengths.

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