Spiral Wrapping Paper: Spiral wrapping machines are often used in the Wire Drawing, Steel Strip and Metal Extruding industries and here we supply a range of Plain Crepe, Crepe Laminates and Film Laminates in machine size rolls.Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) is available with all specifications and the same products are supplied in small hand coils for use without the need for a wrapping machine.



Corrosion Inhibitor: The use for a corrosion inhibitor is wide and varied with VCI paper often being the answer. Most of our Kraft Paper products can be produced with the VCI additive giving easy and effective rust prevention. Plain Kraft, Waxed Kraft, Crepes and Laminates with Film or Polyweave all offer themselves with VCI. Wide rolls, cut sheets and narrow wrapping rolls can be supplied, many sizes from stock and as always we can fulfill the majority of bespoke needs.

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General Packaging Paper: In addition to our specialist papers we offer a standard range of packaging papers including Plain Krafts, Waxed Krafts, Tissue, Corrugated and Greaseproof in rolls or cut sheets.

We welcome any problem solving enquiries as our range evolves continuously to meet the needs of individual requirements.